Provide experienced, dedicated focus to client’s campaign planning and winning proposal development and submittals

Proposal Products Development

  • Feature-benefit-proof writing with concise, effective message-threading
  • Flexible staged writing process (research, storyboard, draft, review, and final writing)
  • Strategic content exceedances (e.g., technical, personnel, programmatic detail)
  • Attention to detail – Ready on Day 1, “Day in the Life Of”, “Week in the Life Of”
  • Put offering through rigorous "What-If" evaluations
  • Generate material (e.g., graphics, focus boxes) that customer pastes into their selection file
  • Powerful graphics, style, and layout techniques
  • On-going review of all subject-matter material through wall-walks and wall-talks
  • Effective internal on-project reviews (QIQO – quality in, quality out)
  • Unique “one-writer” final writing and editing for message emphasis with clear benefits

Campaign Strategy and Planning

  • SWOT analysis – Customer mission needs, competitive assessment, and ghosting
  • Strategic action planning to increase Pwin – Alignment of discriminating detail with solicitation
  • Customer opportunity evaluation
  • Solicitation (RFP, AO, BAA, Unsolicited, etc.) review and cross-reference shred tool

Proposal Team Leadership and Coordination

  • Training and daily guidance/mentoring
  • Alignment of priorities
  • Focused attention on end product(s)

Institutional Gates and Review Work

  • Coordination with and timing of critical color team reviews
  • Selection of mandatory subject matter experts and setting key expectations
  • Support client in creation of approval gate review material

Events and Demonstrations Leadership

  • Exhibits coordinator – logistics and facilities
  • Oral presentations – material content and presenter preparation

Proposal Specialist / Administrator / Coordinator

  • Server folder and file configuration control
  • Writer and editor
  • File formatter and products and walls maintainer
  • Overall administrative support to proposal team