Mission Statement Values

Provide high-value "sprint" expertise when and where needed - with team training
Maintain client confidentiality, personal integrity, and high ethical standards
Offer industry best-practices – improved and honed through experience
Maintain long-term, strong, “win-win” partner relationship with clients
Lower client’s stress level & raise Pwin on campaigns & programs
Ensure clear, consistent, compliant products are delivered

Company Principals

Elizabeth "E" Terhune, President and CEO

35-years-experience in proposal development and team coordination, configuration management, sales and scheduling support, and office management

Recipient of many industry awards, including “Valued Contribution Award” presented by Mr. Thomas Ridge, Homeland Security Secretary

Jim "JT" Terhune, Vice President and Director

46 years of high-tech industry achievements – Team leadership, strategic planning, proposal development, customer messaging, systems engineering, operations, and scheduling

Recipient of many industry awards, including NASA’s “Silver Snoopy Award” presented by the Astronaut Corp for “Professionalism, dedication, and outstanding support …”

Current SSBI – DoD/TS clearances and SCI/SAP/SAR accesses

Engineering professional at NASA-Ames, Max Planck Institut, Hughes Aircraft, TRW, and Raytheon

Company and Associate’s Experience

End-users: Air Force, Navy, NASA, NRO, NSA, AFRL, NGA, NOAA, USMC, MDA, Army, Homeland Security (HLS), DARPA, Commercial, Military Health Systems (MHS), Veterans Affairs (VA)

Industry Clients: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, NASA-JPL, Aerojet Corp., BAE Systems, Referentia Systems

Overview Pages:

A 90% WIN Rate for our Clients
Ready-access to Qualified Experienced Associates 

Expertise – Program Management, FEOTB, Systems Engineering, Risk Management, Software Systems, Business Management, Production, Manufacturing, Satellite Services

Technologies – Laser, Networks, Ground Systems, Information Assurance, DoD C4 Systems