Training Course
"Power Tools for Proposal Writing"

An interactive hands-on course that details the eight stages of proposal writing.  In two days, students are exposed to and exercise 25 powerful, proven-effective techniques and power tools that will be taken directly back to the proposal room and proposal products.

Course details and exercises demystify the proposal writing process and effectively demonstrate how to “produce” winning proposals using proven techniques – where “produce” equates to strategize, plan, design, write, review, publish, and deliver.  Using these techniques and tools, the critical “must win” proposal will be:

      • Compelling, compliant, and easy to read
      • Evaluated as superior and will differentiate your submittal with increased Pwin
      • Created more effectively, less cost, with less stress than current methods

Course material is a valuable reference syllabus for all – writers to project leads.  Material is a “must have” in the hands and minds of all proposal team members.

Topics Covered

  • 25 unique techniques and power tools are presented and exercised
  • What a proposal is (and is not)
  • Organizing and managing proposals
  • How proposals are evaluated and selected
  • Proposal lifecycle and campaign “battle rhythm”
  • Overview of proposal products
  • Eight stages of proposal writing
  • Writing and presentation guidance
  • Effective reviews – internal and external
  • Suggestions and instructions for using Microsoft Word 2007 – tricks and shortcuts

25 Unique Techniques and Power Tools

  1. Leadership Team daily meetings/reviews
  2. Your Death List
  3. Feature-Benefit-Proof
  4. Supershred
  5. “Section 0”
  6. Battle Rhythm
  7. Kickoff Package
  8. Use-Don’t Use List
  9. Wall of Truth
  10. User-friendly File Folder Structure
  11. Effective Use of Walls
  12. Compliance and Cross-reference
  13. “Blue” the Proposal (exceed the spec)
  14. Eight-Stage “Writing”
  15. SB-0 (Storyboard Stage 0)
  16. Ghosting
  17. Storyboarding (SB)
  18. Action Captions
  19. Focus Graphics
  20. Hyperlinking
  21. Horizontal Reviews
  22. Products Not Required by Customer that may not be delivered
  23. Assessments Not Required by Customer, but written about for depth
  24. Writer’s Checklist
  25. 15-step Proposal Team Contract